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On 1st March 2012, we established the Mashiko Society of International Activities.Mashiko has a relatively short history of 130 years as the pottery center in Japan.However its name is widely known throughout the world due to the “Mingei movement” led by Muneyoshi Yanagi, and the pottery production by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada.Today, we can communicate with people around the world on a real time basis and we believe that sending out messages to the world is even more important to “pass on” Mashiko to the next generation.The Mashiko Society of International Activities sends out messages through our core activity – exhibition.

We can then link pottery artists and the world, cultivate the younger artists by having artists see and touch the multi-cultures of the world, seed the opportunity for new encounters through pottery works, and contribute to the development of pottery art work of Mashiko and the world.


 1st March 2012

The Mashiko Society of International Activities


Representative Trustee Ken Matsuzaki